Don't Let Your Networking Skills be a Summer Bummer


Mary Hastings wowed us with her review of Growth Networking. She learned that not everyone is a prospect and how to avoid the dreaded freeze zone. 

Arlene Stearns, owner of ImageUp, advocated that even advanced networkers need a touch-up here and there. In class, Elizabeth discussed that in order to find your advantage, you need to be not only known, liked, and trusted, but you need to actually be REMEMBERED. 


Briana Ward | Director/Owner Chesapeake Hot Yoga


“If you are looking for someone to help breathe new energy and ideas into your business look no further! Liz helped us to examine our goals and move them from paper to reality. She had a vast network of referrals to help with everything from website design and branding to photography and aesthetics! Amazing resource to help grow your business right here in Hampton Roads! "

Jim White, RD, ACSM | Exercise Physiologist |Owner Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios


“Elizabeth helped create a strategic plan for our company. She was very professional and easy to work with. She helped us grow by 40 percent in 2 years of starting our Medical Nutrition Therapy company. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to grow their business"

Victor Habgood | Owner Veterans Home Remodeling


“When I first started working with Elizabeth, we were just starting to grow our business and did not have a strategy for acquiring more customers. Within the first two months, we saw an increase of 126% in generated leads from referrals. Elizabeth even came to our office and trained our entire staff on referral marketing strategies. The connections she has helped us make are invaluable!!!"