Don't Let Your Networking Skills be a Summer Bummer

Frequently Asked Questions

"How can I be more effective in networking?"


The first step is to make the conscious decision that you truly want to improve, and the second step is be ready to practice new skills. 

When we bring awareness to the areas we want to improve, it makes it more manageable, like taking small bites. Remember that old joke, how do you eat an elephant? Answer- Bite by Bite. Then decide which skill is your priority.For Example - do you wish you remembered people you've met or their names better?


Red Hawk Tip #1:

At a meeting or an event, clear your mind and BE PRESENT. When someone talks, forget about everything else running through your brain, and focus on their words. I love it when they have a name badge, because I will look into their eyes and dart to their badge and back to their eyes and let it soak in while listening. After they tell you something about them, ask a related question back to why they like that or what their biggest challenge is with that.   

Red Hawk Tip #2:

Remember, great conversation starts with gently asking questions about the other person and making sincere, warm contact. People do business with those they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST, but they also have to REMEMBER YOU. Creating a genuine connection makes you memorable in a GREAT way!
For Example - do you wish you remembered people you've met or their names better?  

"I'm a little bit shy, but I need to learn how to network. What are some tips to network effectively in a room full of people I do not know?"


Congratulations on recognizing something that is hard for SO MANY people, not just you. Check this out... entering a room and seeing it in an orderly, approachable pattern is a science.  

Once you know HOW to see the room through a difference lens, your anxiety becomes reduced. 

Red Hawk TIP #3:

Approach the group (or cluster) of people with an opening and casually walk towards that group.  Smile. Listen to the conversation, and when they smile or nod back, then insert  "Good Morning, I am (your name)" and hold your hand out to shake. Note: If they are in a closed circle or two people are toe-to-toe in a conversation, then wait, do not attempt to converse.

What is the best way to network?


Great question! The best way to network is by remembering that everywhere you go you are actually networking. Networking is simply making connections. You can do this at the grocery line, car repair lobby, gas pump, garden club, church, PTA, soccer field, neighborhood social, official networking groups like BNI, Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, Retail groups, etc. You get the idea.  

Red Hawk Tip #4: 

We are being watched everywhere we go: driving to a meeting, parking your car, in the elevator, talking to the receptionist, getting a coffee, eating and walking at the event, how you respond when someone asks for help. What does this mean others are thinking? Well, strangers are deciding if they like you BEFORE you even walk up and start a conversation. 

So... as your momma used to say "be on your best behavior." Gatekeepers surround us everywhere. So, an easy way to network is to practice with everyone you meet. Start with a smile and a hello. Give it a pause, then ask “how's your day going?” or give a sincere compliment "that's a great tie.

Red Hawk Tips

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